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Once upon a time, I was fairly serious about percussion. I studied orchestral and marching percussion, solo 4-mallet marimba, and classical piano for over 10 years, and played in several bands and ensembles through highschool and college. Took a break for a while, and now I'm currently trying to get better at rock drumming. Here's my band's performance at Pixarpalooza! I'm also trying to get better at writing, arranging, and producing music, both live and electronic. I helped write one of the songs in our palooza set!


And here are some electronic/industrial songs I wrote in Logic recently-ish, just for fun, not taking anything too seriously. I kind of hate them now, but whatever. My vocals and lyrics could use help...

...And some songs from the late high school/early college period when I was obsessed with writing techno music. DJ iMei! Just messing around in Logic and Garageband (and FruityLoops in the beginning.) The songs aren't great and the names are cheesy, but eh I'll post them here because who's listening. Most of them are original, but a few are remixes/arrangements. I only wrote the instrumental parts and melodies, none of the lyrics.

Electronic Variations on Japanese Children's Songs

I was experimenting with live performance mixed with pre-recorded electronic music.  I wrote the song based on some of the motifs in "Variations on Japanese Children's Songs" by Keiko Abe.

Performed at a Brown New Music concert in 2010.  (My marimba skills here are pretty mediocre, but it's more of a proof of concept I guess)


And I often debate sharing this, but here's a silly music video I made for my techno song during my first college winter break. Was pretty bored. All practical effects, zero camera skills, and edited in iMovie! unfortunately.