3D Graphics, Illustration, Software Engineering, Game Development

Pixar (2013 - present)

Character cloth artist, simulation artist, programmer.

Short Animation Tests

A video posted by Aimei Kutt (@aimeikutt) on

A video posted by Aimei Kutt (@aimeikutt) on

Marsh (2014)

These are stills from an animated short for Pixar's 48 hour short film contest in Jan 2014. The actual movie isn't uploaded anywhere yet... :(  I worked with Samantha Raja, Marlena Fecho, Ling Tu, Jay K Raja, Roth Rind, and Rena Cheng. My main role was art director, character "rig", and fx animation. We used After Effects for most things.

Cloth Simulation Reel (2012)

First Light (2012)

Educational video about the early universe made for the James Webb Space Telescope public outreach team at the Space Telescope Science Institute

Black Hole

Dark Matter Halos


Awaken (2011)

Final project for cs128 at Brown. I designed and created everything in this scene with Maya.

Seed (2010)

Final animation project for cs125. I worked with Will Cheung, Jessica Liu, and Patrick Ellis. My role was art director, layout, lighting, and set creation + animation for some shots.

Code Grey (2010)

First project in cs125 at Brown. We had to make an After Effects animation in one week.


Pixar Undergraduate Program (2011)

Short projects done as a Pixar PUP intern (more on my vimeo)


Additional CS 125 and 128 projects

Short projects done in intro and intermediate computer animation classes with the awesome professor Barbara Meier!

Stop Motion

This is Pac-Tot, the tater-tot pacman. I am very proud of this beautiful work of art.